About an hour and a half south of Cadaques by car, is the old fishing port of Palamos. Although this is more built up than Cadaques, it has a lovely Old Town and a lively working port, which translates into very fresh seafood in its restaurants.

If you stay in Palamos, stay at the Hotel Trias on the front which is friendly and bright - most of the rooms have a fantastic view of the beach and harbour.

Palamos is a good point from which to explore this part of the Catalan coastline, which is famous for its clear water, rocky bays and great lunch spots. Make sure you visit Calella (pronounced "ka-lay-ah", with the accent on the penultimate syllable) Llafranc ("Ya-Franc") and Tamariu ("Da-mah-ree-uh") which are 3 villages in bays just to the north of Palamos.

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