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Salvador Dali Statue, Cadaques
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Salvador Dali's house is just around the corner from Cadaques, nestled in a bay called Port Ligat. He lived in this former fisherman's house with his wife, Gala and over the years made alterations to the property, morphing it into the surrealist palace of today.

It's a must-see, if you visit Cadaques. Not only for the views from the house and the stunning setting, but also for Dali's eclectic collection of possesions and his own unique style. Salvador Dali's former house in Port Ligat is now a museum. Book ahead, and try and get their during the week to avoid a wait. The queues are well managed- only a limited number of people are admitted at any one time, to ensure that you can wander around and soak up the atmosphere.

The house museum was opened in 1997, and consists of a series of fishermens' houses that Gala and Dalí joined together in the form of a labyrinth. You can walk around Dali's workshop, the library, the rooms where they lived, the garden and the pool. One of the strangest rooms in the house is Gala and Dali's hemispherical whisphering room. This was designed with a circular bench around the circumference of the room. The accoustics are so good that you can hear someone whispering to you from 10 metres away, across the opposite site of the room, and it feels as if they are whispering in your ear.

In 1998, the house and its surroundings were declared Cultural Assets of National Interest by the Department of Culture of the Regional Government of Catalonia.

Salvador Dali Pool Port Ligat

Dali Pirelli


Salvador Dali's Pool.
Port Ligat.
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Dali Pirelli Sculpture
By the Pool
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