Take The Train

Although this road train called the "Cadaques Express" looks a little cheesy, it's actually a great way of getting your bearings if this is your first visit, and if you've got kids, they'll love it. We took a 3 year old on it and he had a whale of a time (except he fell asleep before the end). There are various routes: Port Ligat, Cap de Creus and even Roses. We´d recommend just going on the Port Ligat tour- 45 minutes is enough.

There´s a kiosk desk at the end of town near the big car park (you´ll see it as you come in) where you can buy tickets. They warn you at the start to keep your elbows in. Heed the advice! You´ll go through some pretty narrow streets! Oh, and you´ll be singing the "Cadaques Express" jingle for the rest of the holiday (just to warn you).

Hop on the train, and they'll take you on a tour through Cadaques and Port Lligat and another route takes you around to the Cape. The route takes in Cadaques Bay, Port Lligat, Es Cucurucuc, El Camell, Cala Culip, Punta Prima and the Cap de Creus.

Cadaques Express
Tel: 972 256 625

Cadaques Express

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